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Gay male massage therapist in London

How it is...

I use a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to provide a slow, flowing, deeply relaxing full body massage. Strokes, using palms and forearms can run the full length of the body. 

Integrative: all parts of the body are connected and not worked just in isolation.

Slow: the massage will never feel rushed thus providing the body with the appropriate information that all is well and that it is safe to fully let go and relax.

Deep Tissue: I use certain deep tissue techniques to tease out any knots and aid the recovery of sore, overworked muscles. Once released, you will feel freer and deeper relaxation can then occur.

Lomi Lomi: this is a sacred, traditional Hawaiian form of massage that is known as Loving Hands. It is profoundly relaxing and sensuous. I was taught by someone who had studied with a Kahuna master in Hawaii. It is a beautiful, fluid meditation in touch which is a joy to receive and to give. I mostly use my palms and forearms in long, nurturing strokes that cover the whole body to leave you feeling blissfully surrendered and whole.

Stretching: I often include a few assisted stretches but can include more if you wish.

Sports Massage: I have an ITEC Level 3 sports massage qualification so am happy to work specifically on any areas of concern if you let me know in advance of the session.

Listening: bodywork can often reveal things to us on a psychological level. I am happy to receive whatever is going on for you in your life, and that which may surface for you during a massage. I can tailor the session in a suitable way to support you; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Bespoke: sessions are designed to suit your own unique requirements so I encourage you to be open to discussing with me how you would like your massage to be and what outcomes you hope to experience.

The Senses: I no longer use essential oils in a massage but I do use them in a diffuser to add to the calming nature of the space I work in. I have carefully created many playlists of suitable, ambient music (not that awful generic massage music!) played through a good quality sound system. The room is quiet, peaceful, and always warm.

Shower: it is important to be freshly showered before having a massage. If you are unable to do so, you are welcome to shower here before and afterwards.


Couples Massage

A couples massage can be a wonderful way to share the experience of deep relaxation together in the comfort of your own home. You may wish to be present while each of you receives the massage, and you can observe some basic massage strokes that you can use on each other afterwards. Go to the 'Rates' page for pricing.


Learn Basic Massage

I offer a simple and very basic hands-on introduction to massage for those who are curious and interested to learn. It will enable you to give a massage safely which can be wonderful to share with partners and friends. You will work with me or I can find a model for us to work on. I will provide oil and towels. I also work with couples/pairs who may both wish to learn. I would require you to have had a minimum of one massage session with me before booking.

07375 380087

Deeply relaxing massage in London
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